Setting the Record Straight

One of the main reasons I decided to start blogging is a lot of what I read online about Guyana was either wrong, only true in some areas, or was incomplete. So let me set the record straight on a few things I have experienced differently than what I read.

You can get pretty much everything in Guyana, it is just a matter of can you afford it.
A lot of things are priced the same (sometimes more) than they are at home – which I am unclear how anyone affords them when the average wage is so much lower here.

A few things I heard we couldn’t get that has not been a problem (at least in Region 2 and 4) :
Cheese – you can get it – you can find a lot of Guyanese versions (which are reasonably priced, a little different but still cheese) or you can even get the American versions – just for about twice as much as it sells for at home

Fitted Sheets – every hotel and house I have stayed in has them – again I think this is just a price thing – they are similarly priced to the US

Chocolate – I read, on I am not sure how many sites, that I either would not be able to find chocolate and if I did it would be stale – I brought a variety of chocolate for my host mom – she had every kind in her shop

Plus size clothes – ok so these I haven’t seen in the store but there are plenty of plus size women and they aren’t walking around naked so there has to be one somewhere

Now with some things, it is true that you either can’t find the same quality, or it costs an arm and a leg to, such as pillows, razors, etc

Don’t let me give you the wrong impression a lot of things are way cheaper here (and super fresh/organic/local grown etc) Like most of the fruits and veggies, the fish, the meat – if you get it from the butcher, etc

If you are coming to visit Guyana just remember – people live here and even though they are  a developing nation they are very aware of American culture – so they will have what you need
So do NOT overpack — even weigh your carry on, as at least Air Caribbean will weigh that and possibly make you check it to as an additional fee


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