Some Guyana Basics

So there are a few things I figured I should cover so you better understand my future posts. This will most likely be an ever evolving / frequently updated post as I realize what should be included.

When you are in Guyana you are either Coastal or in the Hinterland= the interior (made up of rainforest, savannah, mountains, etc)

Guyana is divided into regions (instead of states or provinces).

Here is a map of those regions (that way if I refer to one you will have a general idea of what I am referring to) :

Georgetown, the capital, is in Region 4.
Region 2 is also referred to as the Cinderella Coast.
Kaieteur Falls, the world’s largest single drop waterfall, is located in Region 8.

Guyana is known as “the land of many waters.” The majority of the water is not clear, much of it is brown, some areas it is darker and referred to as “black water,” and it ranges between other colors such as red. The color is credited to large amounts of tannin in the water, the soil, and leaves dyeing the water.

Guyana is also divided into natural regions, based on local topography. This includes the low coastal plain, the savannah, highland region, and the hilly clay and sand region.

Guyana is also referred to as the land of six peoples. This refers to the six ethnic groups recognized as comprising the population of Guyana. Indo-Guyanese (Indian heritage) are the largest ethnic group, followed by the Afro-Guyanese (African heritage). The Amerindians (the native population) are the third largest group. Then there is a very small percentage of Chinese, European, and (for some reason they distinguish from the rest of the Europeans) Portuguese.


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