a peek into the process.

So I posted a piece about packing, but my friend Mel gave a really good synopsis of the process it took to get here. I wanted to share this on my blog in case any potential or current applicants happen to be reading (or if family/friends are interested).
I’m still new to the whole blogging thing but now that I’ve discovered reblogging I’ll probably be sharing posts from those in different reasons to give you a fuller picture of Guyana

heart of my own heart

Dear Potential Peace Corps Applicants (or anyone applying for anything),

Some days you’re going to feel really excited and confident about the journey ahead, but then other days you’re going to feel really stressed and anxious about the possibility of it all being wrong. 80% of the time, you’ll probably question if what you’re doing is the right thing, but don’t let time or difficult circumstances distract you from achieving your dreams. Stay committed to your cause.

Your reason for applying in the first place is not limited by any organization. So if it takes you on a different path, it’ll still get you to where you’re going. But if you’re left to endure the Peace Corps process, then I hope my insight will help you feel a little more normal and encourage you to hang on.

Once you’ve been invited to serve in the Peace Corps…

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