On the Road to Capoey

Capoey has been the oasis for most of the volunteers during training. 6 of our group have been hosted by families here during training, but the families make it a point to make us all feel at home.

A little lakeside Amerindian community, Capoey is filled with friendly familes, one of the nicest beaches in the area, good food, and a lot of laughs. The road is around 3 k and while it can be a hot walk in the Guyanese sun, it’s a beautiful one.

Capoey is one of the local Amerindian communities in Region 2. Mainstay is the other Amerindian community that volunteers stayed at during training. Both rent out their beaches or charge general admission. Mainstay has a resort, which we stayed at when we first arrived in Guyana. As you can see from the pictures below there are a lot of animals (especially cows) on the roads into Capoey and Mainstay. Some of the volunteers staying in Mainstay have seen Jaguars and I’ve seen snakes on the road to Capoey. The jaguar siting is still on my Guyana bucket list though. 


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