My Last Night in Essequibo

Yesterday was swearing in. (I’m officially a Peace Corps volunteer!) Which also means it was my last night living in Essequibo, the beautiful coast/county in Guyana I’ve called my home got the last 3 months. (Guyana is divided into 3 counties  (per my host mom) Essequibo, Demerara (where I’m moving), and Berbice.)

Even though we’ve been here for 2 months, there is still so much more to explore. For one, we have pretty much stuck to the coast  – which is where the majority of the people live. But if you follow the rivers deeper into the country, you’ll discover more communities, a lot more nature, and who knows what other treasures the jungle is hiding 🙂 . One of the volunteers from our group is stationed down these rivers. Right when I was feeling like I’d seen/experienced most of the coast – my host mom (and brother) took me to somewhere new.

Last night we went to Lake 11, right before sunset – it was beautiful. An oasis hidden behind our little community. 

My host mom pointed out a lot of flowers and berries that were pretty but not good to eat. She also pointed out a wood ants nest.

Then we came across some edible fruits and she wanted me to try one “in the wild.” It was a fuzzy little thing I’d never think to eat, that you break open and eat the meat off of the seeds which you spit out. There isn’t much that you actually eat from it, but it was a pleasant tart flavor. (Picture below) Thankfully the awora wasn’t ripe. (It actually doesn’t taste bad, but it’s like 12 textures, gets stuck in your teeth, and stains them.) 

We then went to Chachu (uncle) Mikey’s house.  He is my host brothers literal uncle,  not just the term of respect. We visited with the family, they fed me (my first time trying skin fish and some especially delicious homemade cherry and guava jam), and I got to see the wild animals he sells. Trappers catch them inland and bring them into Charity. Then distributors like Mikey buy them and sell them to clients. 


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