Versailles – My New Site

My new site! Welcome to Versailles (pronounced ver-sales here) Health Center. I am so excited to be a community health promoter in Region 3. 

Our first 3 months we are tasked with focusing on community integration and discovery. Our CDS (Community Diagnostic Survey) will be our primary tool to show the work we’ve been doing and guide us in what we need to know about our communities. 

I’ve only been here a few days and am eager to jump in. So let me introduce you to  the health center that will be my base of operations. 🙂

Here is the exterior:  (There is a little guard hut just to the right of the shot inside the gate)

I love the remnants of what the land’s previous use left behind and used as art. It’s a beautiful way to incorporate history into every day life.

Here are some posters from the Health Center: 

The staff is composed of a Doctor, Medex, 2 Staff Nurses, a Midwife, a Nursing Assistant, a Community Health Worker  (CHW), 3 Guards (on different shifts), and a Clinic Attendant.


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