3 inhabited islands sit in the mouth of the Essequibo and the Atlantic. Technically a part of Region 3, Wakenaam, Hog Island, and Leguan are nestled between Region 2 and 3. Wakenaam and Leguan run parallel while Hog Island runs perpendicular to the 2. Leguan is closest to Parika (a large port/stelling/market village in region 3) and Wakenaam is closet to Supernam (the village with the main stelling in Region 2). Leguan has a population of around 3,000, Wakenaam around 7,000, while Hog Island has a very small population.

The first image below shows Wakenaam from the beach on Leguan. The picture below shows Hog Island (somewhat hazy) in the distance from the same beach, but you can see it from either side of the island.

Yesterday a group of us went and visited another volunteer on Leguan. It is a beautiful island used as a vacation spot by some of the Guyanese population. 

The people seem very friendly. The Leguan PCV’s host dad gave us a tour of the island.

Rice farming is a major source of revenue on the island  (like much of Guyana) and it was finally dry enough for them to harvest the rice.

They were burning on the beach to get it cleaned up for Easter celebrations.

We arrived on a small ferry which was similar to most ferry rides we’very taken. On our way back to Parika, we took an uncovered speedboat. This was an experience in itself, quite like a water park ride, and was a really fun way to finish off our day. We were all pretty much soaked from head to toe (my only concern was for our electronics but they all survived). 


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