Gaffing is my favorite Guyanese Creole word. A term used for shooting the breeze, small talk with friends, etc.

In the spirit of gaffing, Gaff is the Guyanese pcv newsletter to update fellow pcvs and rpcvs on the goings on around the country. It is now accessible to our family at home.

You can subscribe to the newsletter to be emailed to you at

You can check out previous subscriptions at

There are several tasks forces that serve fellow volunteers that volunteers apply for and then several of the applicants are selected for each task force. I will now be helping with GAFF and am so excited.

We are revamping some of the aspects of GAFF and I am looking forward to working on it. We will be featuring stories from around Guyana and highlighting the talents and projects of our fellow volunteers.

Our next issue (the first I will be working on) will be published near the end of August. I hope y’all enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy putting it together.


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