A Walk Upon the Stelling

One of the things I’m doing constantly, sometimes consciously sometimes not, is being seen. While it can be challenging at times, it is such a huge part of building trust within my community, that they see I’m still here. I constantly have people telling me they thought I went home early if I don’t see them for a few days. They’re so used to people coming, maybe bringing resources, leaving and not working with the locals at least on a long-term basis to make permanent change. After being at sight here for four months some of them are shocked to still see me. The longer I stay the more people seem to open up to me and be interested in what I’m doing here, the more I’m getting called nursie instead of white girl, and the more I feel like I might make a lasting difference. Often on the go, people see me running to and fro. But when I get the chance I try to walk around and gaff with people. I did this for a couple of hours yesterday around the stelling. These are the pictures I took between talking. 🙂


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