Happy International Girls Day

So I’ve never celebrated International Girls Day before, I’m not even entirely sure that I knew about it. Being in another country and experiencing cultural norms for women here first hand has really made me take a closer look at women’s issues.

Guyana is a Let Girls Learn country for Peace Corps, where one of our goals is to encourage equality in education and opportunities for girls. While Guyana is progressive compared to many developing nations concerning girls education there are still additional roadblocks for girls here. Teen pregnancy is at a high rate and along with other factors often affects girls opportunity for education.

Peace Corps Guyana posted the following video of the day in the life of one Amerindian girl.

Girls are often responsible for the cooking, cleaning, maintaining the house, raising younger siblings, going to school or work, etc all from a young age.

There is often pressure for girls to start their own family young, being married with children by their early twenties which can impact their educational opportunities.

Girls still find a way to be successful here. Many of the public service (health care workers, teachers, politicians, etc) workers are women, including some of the higher up positions within the Ministries.

I have to take my hat off to the women of Guyana. Many of them should wear a “S” on their chest because they’re superwomen to be able to wear all of the hats they do.


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