Moving Day – Host Family 4


October 9, 2017

Moving to a different host family until I can get another place approved to live solo. I’ve already submitted 2 but neither are furnished (PC requires basic things like a stove, bed, table, etc) so it’s likely they won’t be approved. One of the landlords seemed flexible like he might be willing to furnish it, but the housing coordinator has to negotiate with him and will get back to me.

My temporary home is about a 10-minute drive or an hour walk from my old place. It’s down a long path set back from the main road.

The host family seems really nice. It’s in a good location, easily accessible to most things. One of my fellow pcvs lived here until she was able to move into her own place October 1 and she had a good experience here.

My room is breezy and the house has a very comfortable feel. While I’m still looking for my own place, I have a good feeling about my temporary home.



One thought on “Moving Day – Host Family 4

  1. Your blogging is very interesting Jocelyn. I really enjoy reading them. Have a wonderful holiday season! I hope it isn’t too lonely for you. One thing, we can always worship our Savior wherever we are! May you be blessed with feeling His presence surrounding you every day, all the time. Love, Aunt Mary


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