The last week has been a whirlwind. I got back to site Saturday night, slept, and then headed to town for our Reconnect Conference. We spent the last week staying in town @ the Grand Coastal Hotel (I highly recommend it if you’re visiting Guyana and not venturing outside of town). This time some of … More Reconnect


Gaffing is my favorite Guyanese Creole word. A term used for shooting the breeze, small talk with friends, etc. In the spirit of gaffing, Gaff is the Guyanese pcv newsletter to update fellow pcvs and rpcvs on the goings on around the country. It is now accessible to our family at home. You can subscribe to … More GAFF

Packing – Part 2

So after being here for 3 months I have a few more packing tips. Some of this will probably be repetitive of the first post, so bear with me.  Footwear Let’s talk about rain boots. Moving to a tropical country, rain boots was what I was most confident I needed to pack. They were the … More Packing – Part 2

3 Months In

This weekend I’ll have been in Guyana for 3 months… That makes it the longest I’ve been outside the country in one consecutive trip – and it’ll be several months before I go home for a visit. It’s an odd feeling; I’ve always loved traveling and experiencing new things,  but living somewhere outside the US … More 3 Months In


3 inhabited islands sit in the mouth of the Essequibo and the Atlantic. Technically a part of Region 3, Wakenaam, Hog Island, and Leguan are nestled between Region 2 and 3. Wakenaam and Leguan run parallel while Hog Island runs perpendicular to the 2. Leguan is closest to Parika (a large port/stelling/market village in region … More Leguan