A Year in Review

Looking over the last year with the Peace Corps is a surreal experience. My time came to an end sooner than I expected, but it is an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Leaving For those of you considering joining to Peace Corps there are several ways you can … More A Year in Review

HIV Awareness Skits

Our secondary school kids broke into 3 groups (per class) for their final projects. One group did posters that were submitted to a national competition. 2 of our classes won! Another group basically made mini research reports. The final group performed skits.

Fort Island

I love that there is so much history preserved throughout the country Fort Island is a great example of the remnants of the past scattered throughout the country

Peace Corps Sensei

One of the most important elements of Peace Corps service is the development of relationships. While forming bonds with local community members increases the chance for sustainability and the general effectiveness of our projects, relationships with our fellow volunteers can be equally important. Being submerged in another culture, experiencing challenges and opportunities that most people … More Peace Corps Sensei

Counting the Cost

So like my Sustainability post, this is one I plan to work on throughout my time in the Peace Corps. I’m writing it primarily with potential volunteers in mind, but of course anyone interested in what my Peace Corps experience is/was like is more than welcome to read it. One of the blogs I read … More Counting the Cost


April 5, 2017 So this post is going to be a little different. I plan to update it throughout service and post it at the end (although the release date might change because as I’m typing that I realize that’ll be a crazy long post). I’m going to date each section I’m writing so that … More Sustainablity

Guyana Love

Moving to Guyana has been filled with challenges and opportunities. I wanted to take a minute to reflect on all the things I love about Guyana. (This is another piece written over a span of time, but will not include dates as it is a reflection over my time spent in Guyana thus far.) Gaffing … More Guyana Love


The last couple of weeks on social media the #MeToo campaign has filled my News Feed. For those of you unfamiliar with the #MeToo campaign women were asked to post #MeToo on various social media platforms (with a focus on facebook) if they had ever experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault. Some people were also … More #MeToo