Packing – Part 2

So after being here for 3 months I have a few more packing tips. Some of this will probably be repetitive of the first post, so bear with me.  Footwear Let’s talk about rain boots. Moving to a tropical country, rain boots was what I was most confident I needed to pack. They were the … More Packing – Part 2

3 Months In

This weekend I’ll have been in Guyana for 3 months… That makes it the longest I’ve been outside the country in one consecutive trip – and it’ll be several months before I go home for a visit. It’s an odd feeling; I’ve always loved traveling and experiencing new things,  but living somewhere outside the US … More 3 Months In


3 inhabited islands sit in the mouth of the Essequibo and the Atlantic. Technically a part of Region 3, Wakenaam, Hog Island, and Leguan are nestled between Region 2 and 3. Wakenaam and Leguan run parallel while Hog Island runs perpendicular to the 2. Leguan is closest to Parika (a large port/stelling/market village in region … More Leguan

Swearing In

It is a beautiful day in Essequibo. A fitting farewell to our band of merry gentleman  (and women). The breeze is like an old friend cooling us from the hot sun. I couldn’t have picked better weather for our ceremony officially welcoming us into the Peace Corps. Swearing in is our official transition from Peace … More Swearing In

2 Month Reflection

I’ve been in Guyana for 2 months. I swear into the Peace Corps on Monday; I’m currently still a Peace Corps Trainee (pct) and that’s when we officially become Peace Corps Volunteers (pcvs). So I thought today would be an apt day for reflection. Every Pcv’s experience is different – they say that a lot, … More 2 Month Reflection